1899 – 1903

In 1899 the offices of Commodore and Vice Commodore were created, Messrs. H. N. Corsellis and Dr W. H. Macpherson being the first to be elected to these posts respectively. The Club joined the S.B.A. and started a class of 12ft. one-design Dinghies, which were built by Angier, of Southend, and which ultimately numbered sixteen boats.

In 1902 the Club suggested to the S.B.A. the adoption of the 14ft. Dinghy as the best form of small racing boat. It is interesting to observe that this was the size adopted later by the Yacht Racing Association for the International 14ft. Dinghy Class, the most popular of the Y.R.A. Classes. The Club also at the same time suggested that Dinghy Racing should be officially recognised by the S.B.A..  As a result of these representations the suggestion was taken up by the S.BA. in the following year when the ”Gig Class” was founded, and the modified formula which had been in use at the Club for several years was adopted for rating purposes.
In 1903 the office of Rear-Commodore was created, Mr. W. Wallington being the first to occupy this post. Up to this time the Club had no permanent headquarters. On the suggestion of the Commodore, the Club now purchased a piece of ground and, shortly afterwards, this was taken over by the Henley Sailing Club, Limited, for the purpose of erecting a Club House and the Club became a proprietary Club. In this year, too, the Club decided to start a class of 14ft. Dinghies which were built by Burgoine, of Kingston, and ultimately numbered nine boats. These were very successful and took many prizes at the S.B.A. Meetings at Bourne End where they raced in the ”Gig Class”.