1965 – 1978

In 1965 it was noticed that the foundations of the Club House were being undermined, necessitating a major repair to the waterfront, and the provision of a new cat walk.

In 1966 Captain Barnard resigned as Commodore and was elected as the Club’s first President, an office he held until his death in 1969. Many additions and improvements to Club facilities were made possible by his generosity.

The unprecedented growth in sailing activities had meanwhile resulted in a much increased family membership and keen demand arose for ’further new’ classes of dinghy, particularly as the Firefly had lost favour. In 1969 after a series of trials at Henley the OK dinghy was formerly adopted as a single-handed class and the Mirror 14ft. dinghy was also introduced. By this time, difficulties of accommodation at Henley had resulted in all open meetings being held from the Club premises, fortunately without loss of support.

Throughout this period, in spite of changes brought about by competition from many new ”Open Water” Clubs, the H.S.C. maintained its position in the dinghy racing world and was honoured by having one of its officers, Mr, G. Dudley-Smith, elected as Commodore of the National Enterprise class in 1963-66 and three officers elected to the Chairmanship of the National Twelve class viz Mr. G, Keene 1960-1962, Mrs, N Adlam 1962-63 and Mr. J. Hoyle 1972-73.

The years 1972-1976 also saw renewed enthusiasm in the National 12ft.fleet, so that once again it formed one of the keenest fleets in the country. However, support for the Mirror 14ft. diminished and in 1974 racing was no longer provided for this class.

In this period the bay of the C1ub House overlooking the river was re-roofed, covered with paving tiles and fitted with an acoustic tile false ceiling. In addition the original O.D. box, which had suffered damage’ in storms, was replaced and equipped with both heating and lighting.

The wooden railings that separate the car park from the boat park were erected in 1977, and the illuminated entrance sign was also installed. Monday evening working parties were held to strip and repaint the exterior of the clubhouse. Renewed efforts were made to enforce the Racing Rules of Sailing which led to several protest meetings being held. Alternative penalty 720 turns were tried during the Club Championships with a view to using them for the following year. Unfortunately, the annual dinner dance was cancelled due to high costs and poor support, and was not added to the Social calendar again.

During 1978 the Club arranged 196 races for which there were 1223 entries. Teams from the Club reached the Area Finals of the R.Y.A. Team Championship. Once again evening working parties were held to improve and repair many of the Club’s fittings and surroundings.