Brittain CC
(Handicap Cup)
For helms who have not yet won a cup.
Scored using Personal Handicaps.
Runs as one of the Handicap Cups on some Sunday afternoons.
Gorman Cup Run alternate Sundays as the first race. Uses a simple course,
Ideal for beginners, juniors and the less experienced sailors.
For helms with a personal “Rating” > 0 on 1/1/15
Scored using the Personal Handicap system.
(Check if you qualify here: Personal Handicap).
Saltwood Cup
(Club Championship)
For helms with a Personal Handicap greater than 1200.
Run on Club Championships day, Scored using the Personal Handicap system.
Tomi Trophy For Toppers and Mirrors.
Although any helm qualifies, these simpler boats suit novices.
See “Two-Handed Dinghies Only”.
Scored using Portsmouth Yardstick.