Hiring Terms and Conditions

Due to insurance restrictions, at present only Henley Sailing Club members may hire the Club.

Hire of the Clubhouse covers use of the lounge and kitchen. It does not include use of the bar but this can be arranged by contacting the Bar Manager, Nigel Bonsor, well in advance of your event. He will arrange bar supplies and bar staff.

If you are hiring the main lawn area and wish to use the BBQ then please provide your own charcoal. Use of the garden furniture is included in the cost. Please return tables and chairs to the storage area.

Be aware that Henley Sailing Club members have access to their boats at all times so you may see members taking out sailing dinghies from the boating lawn or canoes from under the Clubhouse or cruisers from the backwater berths. They will be informed when the Club is being hired out and will be asked to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The hiring period is from midday to midnight so please ensure you leave by 12 promptly. (Unless a Temporary Event Notice is applied for.) The bar must close by 11pm, according to licensing law, unless you arrange an extension. Please ensure you turn off lights, heaters and kitchen equipment and close the windows and main door, before you go.

Weddings and events using a marquee may have extended access times to set up. This should be arranged with the Hiring Manager.

Any music for your event should be played in the Clubhouse only. (Unless a Temporary Event Notice is applied for.) We ask you to be considerate to our neighbours and to keep the windows near to the music closed and to point the speakers into the room.

No smoking is allowed in the Clubhouse. We ask you not to light fireworks because of the health and safety risks and the noise.

We ask you to pay a holding deposit when making your booking. This confirms your booking and is liable to a £10 administration charge if you cancel.

Any breakage and damage to crockery, equipment, garden furniture etc should be reported to the Hiring manager and will be deducted from your holding deposit.

Payment and cancellation – Payment of the hiring fee shown on the booking form is due 14 days before your event. If you need to cancel at this late stage or any time up to the event, we will have to charge you 25% of the hire fee, as it will be too late to take another booking.

Non-members will be provided with numbered security key (s) to the Clubhouse that must also be returned before the deposit is given back.

Please collect and take away all rubbish at the end of your event. The council charges us by the bag for refuse so it saves you money if you do this.

For children’s parties any legal supervision ratio per child must be adhered to.

Child care regulations must be adhered to for all functions where children attend.

The Hirer shall ensure that nothing is carried out in relation to the premises in contravention of the gaming, betting and lotteries Acts.

The hirer is the responsible fire officer during the hire period. All users are to be made aware of fire risks and exit points. In case of a fire, all persons should be evacuated from the club house as soon as possible and stand in the car park. Fire exits are illuminated and unlocked and free from obstruction. No attempts should be made to tackle the fire if this may endanger people. Dial 999 for assistance. Details of an outbreak of fire, however slight, should be given to Fire Brigade and the Hirings Manager.