Risk Assessment

Fire Precautions and Emergency Evacuation

As the responsible person for the event/function you have legal duties with regards to the safety of those persons assisting or attending the event.

  • There is no smoking allowed anywhere in the clubhouse or toilets.
  • Never leave the oven unattended whilst cooking.
  • Candles are allowed but you must ensure they are never left unattended and are extinguished properly.

DO NOT BLOCK CAR PARK – please make sure that emergency vehicles can gain access to the Club and have enough space to turn in the car park, Use the top car park for your event parking if necessary to keep the club house car park clear.

There is no automatic fire alarm in the Clubhouse – you will be responsible for raising the alarm should a fire or other incident occur. There is however an illuminated emergency exit sign by the main entrance which will light in the event of power failure. Evaluate the situation and decide if the clubhouse needs to be evacuated. If this is necessary use the air horn by the main entrance to attract peoples attention, there are also torches behind the bar and at the main entrance to use if there is smoke or no lighting. The fire exits in the Club are: Main door, and riverside of the Club – exit through the emergency exit window on left hand side. Building evacuation assembly point is the car park. Check there is no one in the clubhouse or toilets.

If there is a fire only fight it with the extinguishers or fire blanket if it will not endanger your safety and you feel confident to do so. Ensure you use the correct extinguisher for the incident. Water and CO2 extinguishers are in the clubhouse, fire blanket in the kitchen.

Do not put yourself at risk. If required call the emergency services and get an expected time of arrival. Send someone to the top of the lane to direct the emergency services to the Club.

Address for the emergency services:

  • Willow Lane, Wargrave, RG10 8LJ.
  • Telephone 0118 940 334

Water Safety

Please ensure all children and non-swimmers are aware of the danger of the deep water at the river edge.

The netting along the river bank is not protection to stop children falling into the river, it is to stop wildlife fouling the lawn.

Children must keep clear of the boats. There are many hazards between the berths with ropes and mooring lines.

Be aware of the backwater, it may be shallow, but it can still present a hazard.

In case of an emergency there are throw bags hanging on the side of the steps by the fire escape, and on the store building. If used please repack them correctly and replace.

Weil’s Disease

Weil’s disease (Leptospirosis) is a viral disease carried by rats and other rodents, which they pass on via their urine. Anybody visiting the club must be aware of the possible risk of infection. The chances of infection are greatly increased in wet or damp conditions. The infection can enter the body via bruises, cuts, eyes, nose and mouth. Leptospirosis in early stages can resemble other diseases including influenza. If diagnosed promptly, it is easily cured.

Precautions to be taken by the individual:

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Thoroughly wash all exposed skin areas after taking part in water based activities.
  • Protect all cuts, scratches and bruises with a waterproof plaster until completely healed.
  • If you are injured cut or bruised whilst taking part in water based activity be aware of the symptoms above.
  • Inform your doctor promptly if you become unwell, particularly with flu like symptoms.

Responsibility of Officers and Committee

Neither the Henley Sailing Club Limited, nor the Henley Sailing Club, their Officers or Committee shall be liable to any member, to any visitor or any person using the Club premises or property under or by virtue of the Rules thereof, for or by reason of any act, neglect default or negligence of any Officer, Servant, Employee or Agent of the Club or Company. All such persons as aforesaid using the Club premises or any property of the Club or making use of any of the conveniences or facilities provided by the Club shall be deemed to do so at their own risk.